Lawn Treatments

All fertilizer is the same, right? Wrong.

Contact us for solid reasons why we believe our fertilizer and weed control programs are the best in the business. Why settle for an inexperienced spray technician when our licensed applicator will oversee every detail of your lawn treatments?

Premium fertilizer

What is the Aaron’s Advantage?

  • Free soil test with every yearly contract.
    • Don’t just “trust” your technician when he says your lawn needs lime, ask him for proof! A soil test will show exactly what nutrients your lawn is lacking and how much it should be fed.
  • Premium long-lasting fertilizer
    • Don’t put your turf on the yo-yo diet. Slow release fertilizer will keep it growing consistently between each application.
  • Weed control specific to each lawn.
    • We don’t premix our lawn sprays because each lawn is different. Every lawn is evaluated for weed content and the proper weed killer is selected. This ensures we are using the most effective, least-hazardous chemical to get the job done.
  • Fewer treatments with better products.
    • Besides saving you money, this means fewer times when you have to worry about your family being exposed to lawn chemicals.
  • We know more than grass.
    • Our certified applicator can diagnose landscape problems, provide flea, tick, and mosquito control, or even get rid of those weeds that grow in the cracks of your paver patio. Just ask and we will give our free, professional advice.